Hello, Winter!

When Sharon and I first had the conversation about becoming vintners, we were sitting at a coffee house in Willow Glen, California. As we did on many a Saturday morning, we walked the mile or so to town, seeing many of our friends in the neighborhood as they did the same.

Upon the completion of this year’s harvest, our third, and with wine work going on in the winery, it hit me:  I am a vintner. It isn’t my job—it is who I am.  It is the first time in life that I can say that…

This 10 + years have been so many things, filled with so many emotions and experiences. To say we are blessed would be an understatement; to say we have worked hard to get here would be also.  To hear friends, family and people I have never met, but some day hope to, say we love your wine, great job…that feeling is nearly indescribable.

Nothing can put this emotion into words. We thank you for this and we hope to continue hand crafting wine that will please and deliver a unique experience each time it is shared.

Times are tight; there are so many people in need. The holiday season is upon us and there is so much to do.  It is at this time of year I remember more of these memories growing up and then living as an adult in Willow Glen.

Putting lights on the house, going to town and getting the Christmas tree, the town lit up with holiday lights and decorations. These are great memories and things I do miss. It reminds me that we should all slow down a bit and enjoy what’s around us at this time of the year.

Here at the farm we are creating new memories and experiences with each passing day and we hope you are as well, and that you are close to your loved ones this holiday season.

Grab that someone special and hang on, tell them how much you care for them. Take time, slow down, and appreciate them truly for how special they are and how much your time together means to you, even if it’s just sitting across a table having a cup a coffee.

Thanks my love!

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