Summer is here…

So my first passion in life was music. Started taking guitar lessons at 10 from a Hawaiian man, former professional musician, a dead ringer for Don Hoo, prophetic since I was born in Hawaii…

After getting the basics I realized Bass was my calling, worked all summer to save up enough and got my first bass at 14. Wanted to play Rock of course and realized bands were always looking for bass players.

Opportunity strikes! Got my first gig and was playing bass in bands all through my teens because that’s how you get the chicks…

But, I had it right, something struck a chord deep inside about the bass. I felt it, deep down it resonated with me. I had the right mind and rhythm for the bass and became very proficient. I played professionally for many years, moved to Hollywood on the Sunset Strip from the late 80’s to early 90’s.

It was at this time I found Skydiving, one endorphin rush for another but that’s another story. So as I matured over the years, I opened myself up to many styles and rhythms. I enjoy many classical composers. I tend to gravitate towards anything of complexity, music, wine, things can be simple but seem complex at the same time.

G minor for example, an experiment, I am not afraid to experiment in the winery. Greatness can be reached through risk and experiment, calculated and planned to an extent. Knowing our business plan is based on our varietals playing well together. I have decided to co-ferment quite a bit to see if we can achieve a sense of place and some identity with our wines.

G minor is the result of co – fermenting Grenache, Syrah & Tempranillo, 3 varietals that have been blended together occasionally. Sometime two at a time but rarely 3 at a time and to my knowledge never co –fermented.

Back to that music thing, so one of my favorite classical composers is Rachmaninov, his power and finesse reminds me of the Rock music I so love. Rachmaninov has this piece of music, Opus 23 #5 in gminor that exemplifies this power and finesse that I felt Gminor was such a great example of…

Also Grenache blended G minor – So the Grenache is the finesse, allows for a softer experience when the wine first hits the palate. Strawberry and dried cherries with soft lushness, then blue fruits enter as the wine hits the mid plate becoming firmer. The wine then finishes with firm earthy tannins, quite a bit of structure and some of that power that comes from huge hands (Rachmaninov).

While writing this blog, an aHa moment came to me. The experience sharing my wines is very similar to playing in stage or jumping out of airplanes in that every time it’s a new experience, every time its new, different and very satisfying to me…

Blue Skies

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