Harvest State of Mind

Talking with a customer in our tasting room, who was both impressed and very appreciative of what my wife (Sharon) and I have accomplished, I began to reflect and really think about it…

What have we done?

Well, I guess it all depends on your perspective – Some may say, “What the hell were you thinking?”

I can only give my perspective, which is sometimes jaded and sometimes unforgiving, as I feel we have so far to go, we really do. But what have we really done?

We have abandoned our security blanket to follow our dreams; we have committed to work harder every day but with no regrets as this is truly what we were meant to do. We have created a brand but simultaneously created a lifestyle, founded in the earth, which is real, kinesthetic and sustainable.

As our fifth harvest approaches, where do we go from here? We continue, everyday, to deliver a great experience, made from a passion that is unrelenting.

Ten years is the industry standard, make it 10 years keeping your head above water in the wine industry and you’ll make it- that’s what they say. I feel like we’re close; at year eight, I hope they’re right.

What have we done? I believe we have done the right thing and hope to continue to serve and do the right thing for the rest of our lives. Enjoy life! Celebrate with family, friends and continue to have fresh food and wine on your table to celebrate with.

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